The Random Information Security Job Title Generator

There is a surprising number of title variations among people who work in the field that I call “information security.” I browsed through various job-search sites to get a feel for the more frequently-seen titles and created a random information security job title generator. Just for fun.

The titles I encountered were generally a permutation of the following terms:

This word set can produce over 12,000 titles such as:

  • Senior Security Systems Architect
  • Principal Application Security Operations Engineer
  • Chief Information Security Manager
  • Enterprise Risk Consultant
  • Information Security Program Officer

Not all word combinations make sense, but you get the idea. I used a subset of these words to create the random information security job title generator. It can produce a couple of thousand titles, displaying 8 of them at a time.

Update: See my follow-up post that explores which infosec titles are actually being used.

— Lenny Zeltser

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  • posted 12 April, 2011

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